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Small Business: Know your Numbers

Understanding your financial reports, or knowing your numbers, is critical to business success. It allows you to make better business decisions, measure the impact of those decisions, take corrective action where necessary and, ultimately, enjoy better results. By understanding your financial reports, you’ll: Know if your business is growing or shrinking Discover trends in your […]

There are seven ways to grow your business

There are just seven ways to grow your business. The first five grow your sales and the last two reduce your costs. The seven ways are: Increase customer retention. Stop your customers defecting to the competition by keeping them happy. It’s easier to retain existing clients than attract new ones. Increase leads generated. Gain more […]

The 10 ways to lift your margin

Improvements can always be made at the margin. Small tweaks to your processes or systems can make a massive difference to the end result. It’s the same with your business margin – a 1% increase in your gross margin on $500,000 of sales is an extra $5,000 on your bottom line. The best part about […]

Getting back to business

Success in 2021 will look different to previous years. Have you defined what success looks like for you in 2021? Are you focusing on what you can control in your business in the current Sydney lockdown? We can help you with your plan and help you GET BACK TO BUSINESS. It goes without saying that […]