Corporate Benefits

Everybody is on their own unique journey, each in their own way, but we’re all bound by the same rules and regulations that guide the way forward

As the manager responsible for administering to the rules and regulations of employment and Human Resources, while striving to be an employer of choice, you will be very much aware of how complex and demanding delivering on both can be.

AGS Financial Group provide the services and facilities you need to meet the requirements of compliant corporate governance, managerial reporting and employee satisfaction.

As your Partners in Advice, Growth and Security our aim is to deliver regular, accessible and visible services including:

  • Providing our service and technical resources to your organisation
  • Group financial education presentations
  • Comprehensive financial planning and taxation services
  • On-site individual visits
  • New employee contact
  • Member enquiries and administration assistance
  • Support on termination

Documented Service Standards – You can rely on us to deliver on our promises, thanks to rigorous, documented systems and processes such as:

  • Corporate Service Level Agreement
  • Scheduled calendar of service activities
  • Regular Policy Committee meetings
  • Regular employer and member feedback activities

National Delivery Capability – From our 1300 number and web based presentations, to our scheduled on-site visits, we have a proven capability to service national organisations.

If you would like to know more about AGS Corporate services, contact AGS today and ask to speak with one of our Corporate Relationship Managers.


What our clients say about us…

“When I was working and we had that workplace relationship, I was thinking about our staff, and the advice that you gave not only me, but them as well, which really is looking after their future, and ensuring that the investments that they’re making are wise and safe investments.”

Kay Nimmo – client and former payroll manager, Franklins Supermarkets

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