Tax Preparation Checklists 2024

Welcome to a New Financial Year!

Tax Time is here and with a new financial year it brings a number of changes and focus areas for the ATO in 2024.

Working from home deductions is an area that the ATO is continuing to scrutinise. This year we have prepared an Appendix to our checklists that contains detailed information on how to claim working from home deductions; the methods available and substantiation requirements associated with those methods

Rental property schedules continue to be a focus for the ATO, especially whether or not a property is genuinely available for rent. Please ensure you review the rental checklist for our updated information requirements for completion of you 2024 rental schedule

Capital Gains Tax from cryptocurrency, managed investments and property sales

Enhanced Data Matching Capabilities: The ATO continue to focus on ensuring that all income is declared with increased data matching services. Last year the ATO pre-filled over 111 pieces of information into people’s tax returns. These capabilities continue to be enhanced to ensure all income is being declared


Tax Preparation Checklists

AGS Financial Group Appendix – How to Substantiate Deductions

AGS Financial Group Tax Preparation Checklist – Individual 2024

AGS Financial Group Tax Preparation Checklist – Rental 2024


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