Financial Planning

Success is in the Planning

When it comes to managing money these days, there are a lot of decisions to be made. After our health and our loved ones, few things are more important than these decisions, because they will define the quality of life we provide for ourselves and the ones we love.

You can make these decisions with a lot more confidence when you rely on the guidance and advice from some of the best financial planning experts in Australia.

The AGS Financial Planning team has been awarded seven AFR Smart Investor Magazine “Masterclass Top 50 Financial Planner” awards in seven years, helping clients like you to manage all aspects of their wealth.

Understanding what’s important to you and helping you make the right financial decisions now, will determine the life you live tomorrow.

We work with you to establish a plan, taking into account all aspects of your financial and personal situation. Our team works to ensure that your financial plan continues to be appropriate for you as your financial and personal situation change and evolve through the years.

Whatever your stage in life, we’re committed to helping you reach your financial goals with confidence and peace of mind.

We are your Partners in Advice, Growth and Security.

If you would like to find out how AGS Financial Group can provide financial planning services to you, contact AGS today and ask to speak to a Financial planner.

The Financial Planning Process

An Introduction: The first step in getting your financial plan underway is for us to get acquainted. You evaluate us to see if you would like us to partner you in meeting your financial goals and we try to identify if there are any opportunities to help improve your situation and financial future.

There is no cost for this meeting and we ask that you bring along some information about your current situation such as superannuation details, insurances, income details, assets and liabilities.

If we can see that there is benefit for you in us providing advice, we will put forward a fee for service proposal and discuss next steps for us to develop your plan.

Before We Meet Next time…

  • We will agree on the services to be provided and costs
  • We will ask you to give us some basic information for us to complete some research for you

Second Meeting…

  • Gather additional financial information
  • Discuss relevant objectives and strategies

Third Meeting…

  • Present the plan to you
  • Discuss recommended strategies
  • Implement the plan

Review Service: As our valued client we will have ongoing reviews with you to ensure that your strategic financial plan meets your objectives as your financial and personal circumstances evolve.

Our Approach on Fees…

We are committed to ensuring you only pay for a plan that is of value to you, and we are confident that our fees will be fair in terms of the result you will get and the effort we will put into your plan.

After an initial free introductory meeting to establish your circumstances and needs, all costs are agreed upfront prior to proceeding on any services discussed or advice being provided, so there are no surprises.

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