AGS Financial Group – Working with you through COVID-19

Working with you through COVID-19

Like the rest of Australia and in fact the global community, AGS Financial Group is doing everything possible to adapt to the current situation. We are committed to serving our clients, whilst respecting their health, along with that of our staff, business partners and the broader community.

While we are closed for face-to-face appointments and visits, we are still open for business.

We are fortunate to be able to work from home and carry on with advice and service in a remote manner. A number of initiatives and technologies are in place that you may need to be aware of:

  • Phone reception is still in place, but at times may be stretched, and it’s not as easy to transfer calls to our dispersed team members. If you are not able to speak to someone immediately, please leave a message, knowing your call will be returned.
  • Physical mail is being handled periodically, but we would prefer where possible to manage documents electronically. Using technology such as DocuSign, or simply scanning and emailing, can make things safer and easier for all of us.
  • Meetings can still occur, either “phone meetings” or “web meetings”. Our preferred technology for the latter is Zoom, which allows us to still see each other (if you have a web camera) as well as show you documents just like face to face meeting.

If you have never tried DocuSign or any type of web meeting – you’re not alone! Many of our team were the same, but we have had many comments from staff and customers trying these for the first time noting that it’s easier than they thought, and quite possible something they will continue to use once “the dust settles”.

As always, we are here to help you our customer, If there’s anything you should need, please contact your relationship manager or contact us

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