COVID-19 Resources for Individuals & Families

COVID-19 Individuals & Families

This page is a central hub for resources that are specifically relevant to individuals and families trying to navigate their way through COVID-19 related impacts. Here we will have links to news items and templates to help you understand your options. We will continue to update this page with relevant links and information as it is released. As always, please reach out to your AGS Accountant or adviser if you would like to discuss your specific circumstances.

Recent Advice, Guidance and News Articles

Federal Government: COVID-19 Disaster Payment. Facilitated by Services Australia for individuals who need support because of loss of work due to State Government Imposed restrictions ( July 2021 )

Historical advice and guidance for previously implemented schemes

COVID-19 Government Stimulus Measures for Individuals & Families Including Income Support payments, Early access to Super, reduced minimum drawdowns for superannuation pensions, and reduced Social Security Deeming rates for pension receipients

JobKeeper Extension The Government announced it is extending the JobKeeper Payment until 28 March 2021

Support Measures for Borrowers: Mortgage relief initiatives from Lenders

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