Why clients engage a Financial Planner

Most adult Australians would have at least a vague awareness of 2018’s Financial Services Royal Commission, and the extensive recommendations for change in the financial advice sector.

However, the number of Australians working actively with a Financial Planner to improve their financial position and achieve their financial goals has always been quite low, in spite of evidence showing the positive effects of seeking advice. Here we outline some of the key reasons why clients engage a Financial Planner.


Super, tax laws and investment markets are complex and ever-changing. Staying on top of these, adapting plans, and sorting through the available information for the things that matter is a difficult (or impossible) task for the average person already juggling work, family, health and other interests. A Financial Planner can turn complexity into clarity, and take away some of the guesswork and “noise”.

Humans aren’t always rational

When it comes to building wealth, emotions can play a significant part (for better or worse). Emotions can lead us to become attached to investments, fearful of risk, or conversely overly exuberant when markets are good. A good Financial Planner can help keep these emotions in check, as well as mitigate other financial behaviour flaws such as overspending and avoidance of action.


Let’s face it, it’s very hard for any amateur to be as good as a professional when they have limited time to learn and build their experience. To master a sport, an instrument, or a job requires hours upon hours of dedicated application. Access to this professional expertise is an important reason for seeking financial advice, whether to solve a specific issue, or as an ongoing arrangement to ensure ongoing progress and financial outcomes.


One of the most commonly reported benefits described in our client feedback is the intangible of “confidence”. Call it peace of mind, security, reassurance, validation, or a sense of safety, many clients describe a greater sense of comfort and reduced stress from working with their Financial Planner.


We’re all busy these days, and more and more areas are being outsourced for purposes of efficiency or convenience. Common areas include car washing, lawn mowing and renovations, but consider also the trend away from home cooked meals, the growth in childcare, alternatives to car ownership, and home buying agents. These are all services that allow someone to choose to spend their time on other activities, and outsourcing to a specialist provider. Planning and managing finances can be a daunting and unpleasant task for some, and many busy people choose to outsource the grunt work to a professional advisor.


Disagreements over money can be a major stress on relationships. Some clients are reluctant to talk about money, or articulate their financial hopes and dreams. It’s also very common to see different attitudes to money and success arising from our family background or previous experiences. In many cases an impartial, expert advisor can serve to facilitate common goals and financial harmony.


A whole host of reasons can lead people to just procrastinate or “not take any action” when it comes to money. It might be a lack of knowledge, a lack of interest, a lack of confidence, or just an avoidance of some difficult but necessary first steps. Sadly in Australia, a land of abundance, many people really do put off doing what they know they ought to do – plan and save for the future. A good Financial Planner can help with “getting it done” – setting goals and a plan of action, providing encouragement, and holding clients accountable – all of which yields immense benefit over time.

Need help?

If any of the above are areas that resonate with you and you’d like to explore the idea of working with a Financial Planner, contact us at AGS Financial Group today.

Published : 23 Jan 2020

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