expert opinion and guidance on your particular situation to help you reach your destination

At AGS Financial Group we provide corporate, business and personal clients with the best financial advice available.

Contact AGS for the best advice on corporate superannuation funds and services, debt consolidation and reduction, tax effective strategies for creating wealth, SMSF (Self Managed Superannuation Funds), retirement and estate planning, tax planning, and business accounting advice.

AGS can even find the best home loan or insurance product for you.

As the winner of seven AFR Smart Investor Magazine Masterclass Top 50 Financial Planner Awards in seven years, our financial planners are established as a trusted source of the best strategic financial advice available.

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from plans that drive change, improvement and increased wealth - it's all about getting to where you want to be

A great financial planner will help you on your journey to make more money and create wealth. They will help you protect your money from ‘get rich quick schemes’ and the confusion of complex superannuation rules and financial products. At AGS Financial Group, that's what we do.

At AGS, we help you to manage and grow your money with the best financial advice and investment strategies from our award-winning financial planners. And we team this with great tax and business advice from our accounting team, working proactively to achieve the best outcome.

Our Corporate Relationship Managers help businesses meet the employer of choice criteria with the best employee reward and benefit programs, corporate superannuation services and financial advice.

With our experienced team of specialist advisors and proven nation-wide delivery, we can ensure your objectives are met and your expectations are exceeded every time.

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that comes with the peace of mind you're on the right path

Your individual need for financial security is as unique as your fingerprint. Your risk tolerance, need for income, growth or ready access to your money, all affect your investment or business decisions.

Similarly, every journey includes risks of delay and misadventure.

The team at AGS can help you to tailor your investment or business strategy, and create a roadmap to keep you on track.

You have the security of knowing your decisions have been guided by the best advice available, and that you're on the right path to reach your chosen destination.

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  • RBA Interest Rate Announcement 1st June 2021

    At its meeting today, the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia have decided to maintain the current policy settings, including: the targets of 10 basis points for the cash rate and the yield on the 3-year Australian Government bond. 

  • 2021 Federal Budget

    Tuesday night’s Federal Budget was the Treasurer’s second “pandemic” budget and focuses on a range of key spending measures intended to drive Australia’s economic recovery. The budget contained a variety of measures across superannuation, taxation, business, social security and aged care that will affect many of our clients and their financial plans.

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