Our Associates completing Professional Year

AGS are pleased to support our Financial Planning Associate, Aziz Dodhiya, as he embarks on the Professional Year. We believe that Aziz possesses the relevant education, previous experience, and personal attributes required to build a successful career in financial planning.

We are required to provide you with formal notification, pursuant section 921F of the Corporations Act 2001 and section 10(5) of the Corporations (Work and Training Professional Year Standard) Determination 2018, of the following details:

Professional Year Supervisor: Alex Berlee

Professional Year Supervisor Contact details: (02) 9966 8188 or email [email protected]

As part of our service delivery to you Aziz may get involved with the advice process. Despite any involvement Aziz may have with you, your Financial Planner and/or Alex Berlee remain legally responsible for any personal advice provided to you in relation to financial products and/or services.

Should you wish to discuss the above feel free to contact us and of course if you’d prefer Aziz not get involved with you as a client, please let us know as soon as possible and we will honour that request.

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