ATO SmartDocs

We have implemented a new ATO mail system- ATO SmartDocs

Our new system enables us to download all ATO mail on behalf of our clients and distribute it electronically.

What can you expect?

When you receive electronic mail from the ATO, you will receive a text (SMS) message. This will advise you to log into your email account and use the 6-digit code in the text message to access your mail.

Note; Our system can only send mail digitally if we have a valid email and mobile number for you. If your details have changed, please contact our office to update your records.

ATO SmartDocs | Australia's Leading ATO Documents Processing Cloud Platform

The benefits of this are:

You receive your mail faster
Mail sent from the ATO can take days or even weeks to reach you through traditional postage methods.

It’s more secure
ATO mail often contains sensitive information including your TFN, taxable income, home address and other personal details. Identity theft is on the rise and documents sent by email or traditional post increase the risk of your information falling into the wrong hands.

It’s better for the environment
With our new system we can receive and deliver your ATO mail to you without using any ink, envelopes, stamps, fuel or even a single sheet of paper. Across our thousands of clients this is a win for the environment.

It’s more reliable
The ATO now uses six different methods to deliver mail to taxpayers. One of these is delivery through myGov which poses problems for many clients that might not realise the document has been delivered and may miss an important lodgement or payment deadline.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I still receive paper correspondence?
We encourage you to give our digital system a go for the reasons above, but we still understand that some people are not ready or able to use digital systems. Just let us know if you prefer paper.

Why have I received an SMS but no email?
Our system will only send mail digitally if we have a valid email and mobile number for you. Check your junk mail for the email, otherwise contact our office to confirm your details.

Why have I received an email but no SMS?
Our system will only send mail digitally if we have a valid email and mobile number for you. This could mean that the SMS has gone to an old or incorrect mobile number, but the code in the link is of no use without access to the email. Please contact our office to confirm your details.

I am receiving paper correspondence, how do I get digital delivery
If you are receiving ATO mail through traditional postage methods it means we either do not have current valid email and mobile details for you, or you have previously asked us to stay with paper. Please contact us to update your details or preferences.

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