Financial Planning

Creating successful financial futures through the workplace

Are your employees getting quality financial planning advice or are they relying on their own judgment and resources to make crucial financial planning decisions that effect their lives and future?

In this fiercely competitive environment of staff recruitment and retention, providing your employees with quality financial planning advice can deliver benefits to your employees that equates to thousands of dollars of value, improving your status as a savvy employer and your ability to compete for quality staff.

Our workplace Financial Planning program starts with group presentations on Superannuation, Investment and Financial Fitness, and can extend to highly complex, personalised strategic advice. It’s all delivered with an intimate knowledge of your workplace and industry, and designed to maximise the financial wellbeing of your team.

Employees gain clarity around their financial goals and how they’re tracking, make the most of their remuneration opportunities for their personal benefit and avoid the many pitfalls awaiting those on the receiving end of poor advice and investment decisions.

HR executives understand the value of retaining Intellectual Property that has been fostered and nurtured inside the business. Assisting employees to achieve their financial goals is a key component of employee satisfaction and retention.

If you would like to find out how AGS Financial Group can provide financial planning services to your company and employees, contact AGS today and ask to speak to a Corporate Relationship Manager.