Salary Packaging

Make the most of your remuneration dollars

Employees get remuneration from their employers, and AGS Financial Group work out the most tax effective form to receive those payments. This can be very helpful if you work for an employer in the corporate or private sector, but it’s especially valid for not for profit, hospital, school or government employees.

For instance particularly in the not for profit zone, there are certain advantages you may not be aware of that can be achieved through structuring your payment package appropriately, such as mortgage payments made pre tax, fringe benefits tax concessions, even packaging motor vehicle financing effectively.

Both corporate and private clients take advantage of the AGS Financial Group’s expertise in this area. Our corporate clients enjoy the ability to refer their employees for expert advice that maximises the value of their remuneration and simplifies the process for the employee.

Personal clients often begin their association with AGS through the introduction of salary packaging and then go on to receive advice on all aspects of their financial situation. AGS can help make the most an employee’s remuneration package and maximise the financial benefits.

If you have questions about salary packaging or how to make the most of your remuneration package, contact AGS today and ask to speak with one of our Corporate Relationship Managers.

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