The Financial Planning Process

Our Introductory Meeting:

We schedule a free introductory meeting for us to get acquainted. We ask that you bring along some information about your current situation, such as superannuation details, insurances, income details, assets and liabilities and previous tax returns.

This meeting will help you to get to know us, and allow us to identify any opportunities to help improve your situation and financial future.

If we can see that there is benefit for you in us providing advice, we will put forward a fee for service proposal and discuss next steps for us to develop your action plan.

Before We Meet The Next Time:

The proposed services to be provided and relevant costs will be agreed and we may ask you for for some further information for us to complete some research for you.

Second Meeting:

We review any additional financial information and have a more specific discussion regarding your financial objectives and strategies that might be considered in drafting your personal action plan.

Third Meeting:

Your AGS advisor will present your advice to you and discuss the strategies recommended.

Implementing Your Personal Plan:

Once the plan has been explained and accepted by you, AGS put the plan into action.

Ongoing Service:

As a valued AGS client, you will have ongoing reviews with your relationship manager to ensure that your strategic plan stays on track to meet your objectives as your financial and personal circumstances evolve.

Our Approach on Fees…

All advice prepared by AGS is designed to deliver value to the client. There is no ‘one size fits all’ because every plan is personally tailored to the individual client and every client is the beneficiary of our:

  • Expertise earned and maintained through ongoing education and industry liaison
  • Experience in designing financial and business plans to suit individual circumstances
  • Knowledge of an exhaustive range of financial products and regulatory requirements
  • Ongoing monitoring of change in financial products and regulatory requirements
  • Administration, reviews and reporting pertaining to your investments or accounting
  • Customer service and support through various life stages
  • Claims assistance as required
  • Regular communication and updates on relevant topics
  • Offers exclusive to AGS clients

There are no surprises in regard to our fees because after the initial free introductory meeting, all costs are agreed upfront prior to proceeding on any services discussed or advice being provided.