Small & Medium Business

At June 30 2020, there were 2,422,404 actively trading businesses in the Australian economy (source: ABS data 16.02.2021 release).

Whether you already have your own business, or are planning (or dreaming) to start a new one, starting off on the right foot with a trusted, experienced and grounded Accountant can be linked directly to your success. Building and running your own business can be a complicated and overwhelming process. You might find yourself getting lost in a vortex of misguided information and confusion when it comes to understanding the financial position and legalities of your business. Whether you have an ecommerce store or a brick and mortar business, having the right financial partner by your side can give you the knowledge and courage to take that next ( or first ) big leap.

As part of the AGS offering, clients are able to access a full spectrum of Business Accounting Services.


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