Insurers support fire affected customers

The impact of the staggering Australian bushfires has devastated communities across Australia, and our thoughts are with all who have been affected. The loss of lives, homes, fauna and habitat is unprecedented. At the same time, the generosity of volunteers, and support from individuals and organisations both locally and internationally has been heart-warming.

A number of service providers are helping fire-affected customers and volunteers in various ways.
In particular it’s worth noting that life insurance companies such AMP, MLC, OnePath and Zurich are all providing premium waiver offers. The details vary between each insurer, so it’s worth checking with your provider on the specifics of their offer.

For AMP, it is a three-month waiver, for customers approved for at least one ‘natural disaster’ government allowance/grant and able to provide supporting documents. This waiver is available at this stage until 31 May.

For MLC, the waiver is up to 3 months for affected customers, and available until 29 February.

For OnePath and Zurich life insurance customers a two-month premium waiver is available (at this stage until 31 March), for customers who:

•    have been directly impacted by the fires (e.g. are unable to operate their business, have lost income, lost their home, need temporary accommodation), or

•    have been volunteering in fire impacted regions or are with emergency response teams (to the detriment of their own financial wellbeing).

In a similar vein, a number of health insurance providers, banks and utility companies are also providing bushfire relief packages. If you have been directly affected or involved with the fires please look into whether any financial support or relief is available from your providers.

In addition you can contact the Department of Human Services: or call the Disaster Payments Hotline on 180 22 66 and Service NSW: or call 13 77 88.

Finally, AGS Financial Group is participating in AMP's Pro Bono Financial Advice program for Bushfire affected individuals. People & families affected by the bushfires through serious injury, death, those whose home is destroyed or uninhabiltable, or have lost their business may be eligible for free financial advice and assistance. For more details visit AMP here or contact us at AGS.

Published : 15 Jan 2020

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