Managing my cashflow

Imagine feeling on top of your finances. Knowing your money’s working as hard for you, as you work for it.

A well-managed cashflow could be the key. Your cashflow is the amount of money that’s coming in and going out of your bank account at any point in time. It’s not a measure of overall wealth, but whether there’s enough cash available to meet your expenses, with some left over.

If your cashflow isn’t in check, you might find it difficult to pay your bills on time, or end up relying on credit. This is a common concern in Australia.

The good news is that a bit of planning can go a long way in helping to get your finances in order, so you can meet your bills, and save for more interesting things.

Understanding and managing your money well now, will also help set you up for the future. A well-managed cashflow and budget can help you:

  • feel in control of your money and more financially confident overall
  • feel secure about meeting your expenses, and paying off your debts
  • save time and money
  • start saving for other goals
  • stop focussing on your day to day money, and start planning for your future.

How cashflow advice can help
Cashflow advice can help you improve your spending and saving habits, while positioning your finances for longer term growth.

  • learn from experts – be coached on how to approach your finances and set them up for the future
  • get a better understanding of your spending habits – by taking a step back and looking at the whole picture
  • create a workable budget – work with an adviser to build a budget that fits your lifestyle and priorities
  • save money – by exploring the different saving options available to you
  • save time – with access to tools and tips that can help organise and automate the management of your money
  • stay on track – with regular check-ins, to make sure you continue to head in the right direction to meet your goals.

Steps to your improved cashflow
While the process for getting your cashflow sorted is relatively straightforward, for some it can be an eye-opening experience.
Our cashflow advice generally follows these steps:

Understanding your goals.
Talking to you about your goals now, as well as your future goals will help us be clear on what you want in life, so our advice can help get you there.

Understand how you’re spending your money.
We’ll spend time looking at how you’re spending your money and where improvements can be made.

Build a solution that fits you.
We’ll then look at ways to help get your finances in order by working with you to build a budget and cashflow solution that fits your life. We’ll talk to you about your priorities and areas where you might be able to save.

Provide advice, tips, and tools.
We’ll then provide you with advice based on your personal circumstances. It may include recommendations for tools that can help you manage your money more easily.
We’ll only ever recommend tools that fit your needs, and you’re under no obligation to use them.

Check in with you.
Once you’re happy with the recommended cashflow approach, if you like, we can set up regular check-ins to make sure things are going to plan. And because life can change in an instant, we’re available to help you navigate any unexpected events as they arise.
When you’re ready, we can also talk about the other goals you’d like to reach, and can provide advice on how to achieve these, too.

We’re here to help
When it comes to tackling cashflow, it can be useful to have expert support. We can help get your money working harder for you so you can stop focussing on your daily money and start saving for other things.

Get in touch with AGS today to get your money working harder for you.

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Published : 31 Oct 2017