Oliver’s Insights – Share Market Correction

In this edition of Oliver's insights, AMP Capital's Dr. Shane Oliver discusses the recent pull back in share markets.

There is much evidence to support their view that this is a short term correction, rather than the start of a new bear market, and the medium term outlook for shares remains positive, with shares now relatively cheap.

In the face of volatility like this, it can be worth seeing this as a buying opportunity, or else a time to remain calm and wait for the usual recovery in values that typically eventuates. Please click here to read the full article, and as always feel free to contact us for any advice or assistance. 

AMP Capital iInvestors make no representation or warranty as to the accurcy or completeness of any statement in it incuding, without limiation, any forecasts. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.



Published : 09 Oct 2014

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