Why we get in touch for reviews

At AGS Financial Group, we always aim to be proactive in trying to help clients manage their finances and achieve their financial goals. With our highly engaged, active clients this is not a problem. However we have many inactive clients, or policyholders who we contact each year to offer a review of their policy and financial plans in general.

But am I a client?

In many cases, you may have become a client through your employer’s superannuation plan, or perhaps we have “inherited” you thanks to a merger or acquisition with another financial planning firm.

In all cases, we believe that there is a super fund, investment, mortgage or insurance policy that we are obliged to help you with. However it’s possible that things have changed and we need to update our records, or perhaps you’d prefer not to hear from us.

So, should we keep contacting you?

Please let us know, whether you’d like us to check on your policies, keep contacting you, or cease altogether.

You can generally update your contact preferences through the link in any of our emails, or else Contact Us here.

Thanks in advance

The team at AGS Financial Group.

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