Maximising efficiency in your business

Creating an efficient workplace is desirable for both staff and business owners alike. Not only does it save money and time, it can also improve productivity and morale.

Here are five ways to improve efficiency in your business:

Examine what is and isn’t working
Identifying your business’ strengths, weaknesses and opportunities goes a long way in improving efficiency. Look at your processes and procedures in your business model and analyse the need for improvement. Overcomplicating or introducing multiple new systems can often slow your progress rather help it.

Automate where possible
Automating monotonous tasks can save time and prevent employee boredom, which can impact productivity. It also means employees can spend more time on tasks and projects of more importance and urgency to the business.

Minimise interruptions
Continual interruptions are a sure-fire way to decrease productivity. Between answering emails, attending meetings, requests from co-workers, etc., it is no wonder employees find it hard to concentrate. Try to limit interruptions such as unnecessary meetings and encourage staff to respond to emails in set time frames rather than checking up on them non-stop.

Avoid multitasking
Concentrating on completing one task at a time is much more effective than multitasking as it allows you to get into the flow of work.
Switching between tasks often interrupts this flow and disrupts concentration. Try to block out chunks of time for each individual task to maximise productivity.

Foster the right environment
Creating an environment where communication and collaboration are highly valued is paramount to business efficiency. Encourage face-to-face communication and communication between departments to improve feedback.


Recognise that you need some assistance in some of these areas ?
Contact our professionals to to discuss your business needs. We can work together to implement some of the above strategies and guide you to a more efficient workplace.

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Published : 23 Jan 2018

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