Volunteering makes you healthier and happier!

You might be surprised to know that more than three and a half million Australians formally volunteer their time to not-for-profit organisations! This is a staggering yet wonderful statistic – so many people obviously derive satisfaction from volunteering.
That feeling of making a difference can be very powerful. It has also been proven that giving your time is highly associated with greater health and happiness.

Volunteering is well run in this country and through organisations such as Volunteering Australia (www.volunteeringaustralia.org ) you may be able to apply your skills and talents to help out in your local community—or in someone else’s.

You can become involved in almost any activity through volunteering, from simple fundraising activities to visiting elderly people in nursing homes, or joining a service club such as Rotary or Lions for added fun and friendship. Perhaps try out several activities or organisations before you find the one that gives you the most satisfaction, mixing with like-minded people.

Working as a volunteer for a not-for-profit organisation that means something to you personally or represents a cause you’re committed to is another option.

There are also many overseas organisations that would be delighted to have you as a volunteer. Teachers are especially welcome in many countries to teach English. Accommodation and food are frequently provided in exchange for services. Alternatively, you could be a “virtual volunteer” from your home computer. The options are limitless.

Think about the skills and interests you have or want to develop and what you would like to get from volunteering. How much time can you give? What about involving the whole family?

Get started now. Visit www.govolunteer.com.au to see what’s available just outside your door.
You may be planning for retirement or just looking for an outlet to help others and improve your overall wellbeing.  Be enthusiastic and the world will open up to you!

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Published : 29 Jan 2019

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